File version control

How to view and revert to previous file versions

Use these instructions to view old versions of a file and revert to previous versions of a file. Every time you replace a file your ThoughtFarmer intranet keeps a copy of the old version. You can quickly see all the past versions of a file and go back to a previous version if you are not happy with a newer version.

When you revert to a previous version of a file, the intranet creates a new version and keeps all old versions intact so you never lose any work. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to use file version control. You can also see past versions of a file's properties such as name and summary, using the individual file page version control.

View individual file page for list of versions

  1. Click on the file title to open the File Editing Menu.

  2. Click on Go to file in the menu that opens.
  3. Click File version # just below the file name to see a list of all versions. The Version history pop-up window will appear.

  4. Click on a file version to view the file.

  5. Click the Restore button next to a past file version if you want to make it the newest version on the page.