Start a discussion on almost any page

On your ThoughtFarmer intranet many pages allow comments, which lets you start a discussion wherever you need to. When you add a comment, an in-app notification of your comment automatically goes to people that are following the page. This may include the page owner and people who have edited or commented on or bookmarked the page. Depending on individual user settings, these people may also receive email notifications with the text of your comment.

With ubiquitous commenting you can turn a blog post, a page of HR instructions, or anything else on the intranet into a useful discussion. Each of your comments will be accompanied by a thumbnail of your profile photo, which helps bring discussions to life.

When comments are added to content, they also appear in the Activity streams of people who have view permission on those pages. These activity items are interactive, and allow people to add comments to the discussion right from the Activity stream they are viewing.

Click "Leave a comment?" on pages or activity items

Many intranet pages allow comments. Depending on the various Cards on a page, comments may appear in different places on different pages, but they are often found below the body content of the page. You can also add comments in Activity Streams or as replies to Forum posts. To post a comment, click Leave a comment? in any one of these areas. Type in your comment and then click Post.


If you want to respond to a specific comment, click Quote at the bottom of the comment. The commenter's name and the text of the comment will be copied into the open comment box. You can then add your comment and post it.



You can insert images and links in comments and use most of the same text formatting available when you edit a page. (See complete instructions on how to insert links and how to insert images.)

Mention a colleague in a comment to alert them

If you mention a colleague's name in a special way in a comment, they will receive an alert about that comment. Use Mentions to bring a comment to the attention of a colleague. You can use Mentions to let someone know information they need, or to draw their attention to a task they need to complete.
  1. In a comment, type the @ sign, and then start typing the name of the colleague you want to mention.
  2. A dropdown menu will appear with names that match what you have typed. Click on the name of the colleague you want in the menu.
  3. Your colleague's full name will be inserted after the @ sign, and will become a hyperlink, indicating that the name is now a Mention. eg. @Carolien Dekeersmaeker

Result: The colleague you mentioned will receive an alert about the comment in the Mentions tab of the Alerts menu on the Application Toolbar. Your colleague's name in the comment becomes a link that takes you to their profile page when clicked.

Like a comment

Click Like below a comment to show that you like it or agree with it. Once you Like a comment, the thumbs up icon shows. A number beside the thumbs up shows the number of people that have liked the comment. Hover over the thumbs up icon to see a pop-up showing which users like the comment.


To unlike a comment, click Unlike.