Add Thumbnail image

What is a Thumbnail image?

A Thumbnail image is the image that is displayed with a specific page title when it is referenced in different places on the intranet. The first image you upload to a page will automatically be selected as the Thumbnail image for that page. If you do not upload any images to a page, it will not have a Thumbnail image. You can choose any uploaded image to be the Thumbnail image for the page, or remove the Thumbnail image altogether.

A Thumbnail image must be uploaded to the page it is connected with, but it does not have to display in the page's contents in order to be the Thumbnail image. Web images cannot be selected as the Thumbnail image.

Where do Thumbnail images display?

News post: List View

News post: Grid View

News Carousel post:

Grid navigation sections:

Search results:

Video News Carousel posts and embedded videos
To learn about how to add a thumbnail image to a video, see Add a video thumbnail image .

Add a Thumbnail image to pages and news posts

The first image that you upload to a page will automatically become the Thumbnail image for the page as well. (To learn how to upload an image, see how to insert images.) If you want to change the Thumbnail image, see How to change and remove the Thumbnail image.

If no images have been added in the page body, following these instructions to add a Thumbnail image:
  1. In edit mode, under the Thumbnail section on the right, click Add image. The Choose Image pop-up window will appear.

  2. To add an image, do one of the following:
    1. Drag and drop images onto the window.
    2. Click on Upload Images at the top of the window.
    3. Click on the camera icon in the window.
    4. Click on one of the displayed galleries, and select an image from the gallery.
  3. If you did b. or c. in step 2, browse to the image you want, click once on the photo file and then click Open in your file browsing window.
  4. After uploading, your image will show in the window. Click the Done button.
  5. The Thumbnail settings pop-up window will appear. See Crop Thumbnail Image for instructions on how to use this window to crop your thumbnail image for the applicable usage. Click Done in the Thumbnail settings pop-up window. You will see the image you have uploaded under the Thumbnail heading on the right.
  6. Continue editing or click Save at the top of the page.

Use page header image for Thumbnail image

When you add a new page header image, a new option becomes available in the Thumbnail image section - to use the page header image for the Thumbnail image. If the page header image is the only image available on the page, it will automatically be selected as the thumbnail image.

If there are multiple images available on the page, add the page header image to the page, then under the Thumbnail heading on the right, select the checkbox Use page header image. The page header image will show in the Thumbnail section, and if you change the page header image in the future, the Thumbnail image will automatically change.


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