Comment on files

Leave a comment on a file

Adding a comment to a file is very similar to adding a comment on a gallery photo. Open the File Preview window - click on a file title to open the File Editing Menu, and click on Preview in the menu. (Learn more about File Preview.) In the File Preview, just like in Image Preview, click in the Leave a comment? box, type your comment, and then click Post.

However, there are three different ways you can access the Leave a comment? box on a file:
  1. Click the file title, which opens the File Editing Menu. Click Preview in the menu, which opens the File Preview window containing a Leave a comment? box.

  2. Click the file title, which opens the File Editing Menu. Click Go to file in the menu, which takes you to the file page. Once on the file page, find the Leave a comment? box below the file.
  3. Click the Comment bubble icon on the right of the file title, which opens the File Preview window containing a Leave a comment? box. 
When multiple file versions have been uploaded to the intranet, it will say below each comment what version that comment was made on. That way you can keep track of when comments were made in the stream of version updates. (Learn about how to replace a file with a new version.)