Crop Thumbnail image

Crop Thumbnail image for specific uses

The Thumbnail image has many different uses on the intranet. It is used in search results, News posts (both List and Grid view), News Carousel posts, Grid navigation cards and the Groups Directory. Because the Thumbnail image is used for many different purposes, it displays in different sizes in different places. You can crop the Thumbnail image so that it will look best in the application it will be used in for your page or post.

To learn more and to see examples of Thumbnail images in action, see
How to add a Thumbnail image.

In the Thumbnail settings pop-up window, there are four different tabs that allow you to crop to the different applications (To bring up the Thumbnail settings pop-up window, add a thumbnail image, or click on the existing thumbnail image in edit mode):

  • List & Directory: Used for News Card: List View posts and Grid Navigation Cards (use this for pages that are subpages of a Grid Navigation page.)
  • News Grid: Used for News Card: Grid View posts.
  • Square: Used for search results and the Groups Directory.
  • Carousel: Used for News Carousel Card posts.
Note that when cropping for a video thumbnail, there are only two tabs. To learn more, see How to add a video thumbnail image.


Which Tabs do I need to adjust the Thumbnail crop in?

In the context of the table below:
  • Page is defined as any content type that is not a Group, a Post (added to a News or Blog), a Topic (added to a Forum), or an Event (added to a Calendar).
  • News post is defined as any Post (added to a News or Blog), Topic (added to a Forum), or Event (added to a Calendar) that will appear in a News Card somewhere.
What is your Content type? List & Directory News Grid Square Carousel
Page      Yes  
Page that is a subpage of a Grid navigation section Yes   Yes  
News post: List view Yes   Yes  
News post: Grid view   Yes Yes  
News post: Carousel     Yes Yes
Group     Yes  
Group that is a subpage of a Grid navigation section Yes   Yes  
To learn about optimum image sizes for different applications, see Image size guidelines.

How to crop the Thumbnail image

Each tab of the Thumbnail settings window has an area representing the part of your image that will actually display. Zoom in and out, and reposition to display the part of the image that you want. 
  1. In edit mode, click on the Thumbnail image in the Thumbnail section on the right.
  2. Select the tab you need to crop for your content type, according to the table above.
  3. Use the plus and minus buttons below the image (or the scroll wheel on your mouse) to zoom in or out.
  4. Click on the image and drag it to show the area you want.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 if you need to crop more than one tab.
  6. Click Done in the Thumbnail settings window.
  7. Continue editing the page or click Save.
Adjusting the crop will not change the way the Thumbnail image looks in the Thumbnail section on the right, but your cropping is saved in the Thumbnail settings window.

The News Grid Thumbnail image may vary in size depending on the Card or screen width, so that tab has a checkbox option to indicate the safe area of the image that will always display in the Thumbnail regardless of the other factors.


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