Be an intranet Super User!

Want to know a bunch of sneaky ways to get things done fast in ThoughtFarmer? Or maybe you just don't like using your mouse? You've found the right page if you want to be a ThoughtFarmer SuperUser (we know you want to!)

Open the Search dropdown: CTRL + /

To open the nifty search dropdown at the top of the page, simply type CTRL+/. Search will drop down, with your cursor in the search field ready for you to type in your search term.


Navigate File or Image Preview: and

When you're in Preview mode, whether you are previewing images or files, use your left and right arrow keys to navigate through a bunch of photos and files.


Click outside a pop-up window to close it

Most pop-up windows have buttons at the bottom right that allow you to close the window. If you haven't made changes in the window however, you can often close it just by clicking outside of the window.


Rich Text Editor shortcuts

Here are a few tricks for getting around in the Rich Text Editor when you are editing an intranet page.
  • Home: Jumps to the beginning of the line
  • CTRL+Home: Jumps to the beginning of the document
  • End: Jumps to the end of the line
  • CTRL+End: Jumps to the end of the document
  • SHIFT+ENTER: Adds a line break. We at ThoughtFarmer have found this to be an extraordinarily useful shortcut to know. It's useful if, say, you want to insert an image in a numbered or bulleted list, without having a number or bullet on the left of the image!

  • Did you notice that? We just used SHIFT+ENTER to help us insert an image in a bulleted list! Sneaky!
  • CTRL+Z: Undo
  • CTRL+Y: Redo
  • CTRL+B: Applies bold formatting to text
  • CTRL+I: Applies italics formatting to text
  • CTRL+U: Applies underline formatting to text
Have you found another shortcut or technique that you find particularly useful for getting around your ThoughtFarmer intranet? Share it on our Tips & Tricks Forum!