Modify gallery photos

How to make changes to photos in a gallery

You can move, delete, archive, download or add tags to one photo in a gallery, or to many photos at a time using the gallery toolbar. To make changes to photos, you first open the gallery toolbar, then select the photos you want to change.


Move, delete, archive, restore, download, or tag gallery photos

  1. Go to the photo gallery page.
  2. Click Gallery tools on the top right of the gallery.
  3. Click on a photo (or multiple photos) to select it. A checkmark will appear in the bottom right of selected photos. (Or click Select all in the gallery actions bar to select all the photos in the gallery.)
  4. Click on the action you want to take (move, delete, archive, download or tag).
  5. Follow the instructions for the chosen action below.

To move gallery photos

You can move gallery photos to other gallery pages, or to non-gallery pages that allow files. If you move a photo under a non-gallery page, it will show as an attached file.

To learn how to reorder images in a gallery, see Add a photo gallery.
  1. After selecting the photos, click Move in the gallery toolbar. The Move pop-up window will appear.
  2. In the Move pop-up window:
    1. Click the triangle to the left of a page to show or hide its subpages.
    2. Click on any page listed in the pop-up to move your photo there. OR
    3. Start typing the title of the page that you want to move the photo under in the Search field. Click on the page you want when it appears in the dropdown.
  3. Click Move. The photo will reload in it's new location and you will see the updated location in the SuperNav on the left.
When you move a photo, it inherits its security settings from its new parent page. So after moving a photo, check its security settings to see if you need to change them.

To learn more about moving items on the intranet, see How to move pages and How to move files.

To delete gallery photos

  1. After selecting the photos, click Delete in the gallery toolbar.
  2. Click Delete in the pop-up window to confirm the deletion.
To learn more, see How to delete pages and How to delete files.

To archive/restore gallery photos

  1. After selecting the photos, click Archive/Restore in the gallery toolbar.
  2. Click Ok in the pop-up window to confirm that you want to archive/restore the photo.
When you have archived a photo, it will not show for users who have Hide archived content selected. For users who have Show archived content selected, the photo will display, but it will be greyed out and have an Archived label on it. The Restore action is only available when you have selected photos that are archived. To learn more about archiving, see How to archive and delete pages.

To tag gallery photos

  1. After selecting the photos click Tag in the gallery toolbar.
  2. To learn more about tagging, see the page How to add tags to gallery photos.