Video formats and conversion

Some of you may remember the VHS vs Beta wars (mild scoffing of the author's age warranted), or more recently Blueray vs DVD. File formats for video have undergone similar battles over which is going to win out on the web. The clear winner cross browser at this moment is MP4 using the H.264 codec. With a notable second being WebM using the VP8 codec. See this table for a comparison of browser support and common media formats. 

As such we highly recommend using the MP4 - H.264 format for all videos you plan on uploading to ThoughtFarmer for playback within pages. This will offer the highest cross browser and device compatibility currently available.

Conversion options:

  • Mac users: Quicktime offers built in conversion utilities that are quite reliable.
  • Windows users: The Windows store offers some desktop utilities that are able to convert common video formats to MP4 - H.264. For more comprehensive converting options there is the open source HandBrake utility available.