Licensing and site information

Licensing and site information

Licensing and site settings and information are available on the top left of the Admin panel. You can find information like TF Version number, support maintenance period dates and number of user licenses.

(Version 9.1: The site info section is the informational portlet that is on the right side of the Administration panel. Here you can find and edit your current license information including: support level, licensed seat count, and support contract dates.)

Click Site settings near the top left to modify the five major site attributes described below:

Site title: The site title is used in all navigation referring to the homepage, titles in the browser window, as well as email notification for referencing your ThoughtFarmer intranet.

Site URL: This URL is used for all email notifications. It is used to create links directly to intranet content in the notification.

Default timezone: This is the site default time zone. This time zone is automatically selected for new users. Users can select their own preferred time zone by editing their profile page.

Copyright notice: This notice appears on the left in the footer of all intranet pages. This can be left blank if you prefer.

System administrator: This is the main administrator of your ThoughtFarmer intranet. This person's name and email link is displayed in the footer of every page. It is also displayed in notification emails and as a contact point when errors occur for end users.

Copyright notice and system administrator name at bottom left of intranet page:


Version 9.1:
API token: This is used by the Thoughtfarmer and EDC service to communicate with the application. Click View to see the current API token being used. (In Version 9.2+, go to Administration panel > Integrations section > API Tokens page.)

License key
When you upgrade your license count, or renew your contract, enter the new license key by clicking License key near the top left of the Admin panel. Copy the License key into the text box, and click Save. Changes made should be reflected in the site info section after you save the new key.

Note that the ThoughtFarmer Administrator Support user (that ThoughtFarmer uses when you require assistance with your intranet) will not be counted in your license count.

Version 9.1: To enter a new License key, click Edit in the informational portlet on the right hand side of the admin panel, to open the Edit intranet settings window. Copy the new license key into the New license key field and click Save.