Shout-outs settings and reports

Shout-outs Options

Go to the Administration panelContent section > Updates & Shout-outs page to access these options for Shout-outs. After changing any settings, click Save to apply the setting.

Turn Shout-outs on

In order for Shout-outs to be enabled, Updates must be enabled. To turn Shout-outs on, first switch the Allow Updates toggle to ON, then switch the Allow Shout-outs toggle to ON.

When Updates are turned ON, the Updates tab and Share an Update field are displayed in the Homepage Activity Card, Group page Activity Cards and Profile page Activity Cards. When Shout-outs are turned ON, the Shout-outs tab and Send a Shout-out field are displayed in the Homepage Activity Card, Group page Activity Cards, and Profile page Activity Cards.


Allow Shout-outs to Everyone and to specific Groups

When Allow Shout-outs to everyone is selected, users can choose to send Shout-outs that will appear in all users' activity.
When Allow Shout-outs to groups is selected, users can send Shout-outs to a group they belong to, which will appear in the group page activity, and in group members' activity. 
Both options can be removed from the Who Should See This? dropdown by deselecting the corresponding checkbox.


Change Shout-outs icon

The Shout-outs icon displays when you are creating a Shout-out, and on Shout-outs showing in activity streams. There are a number of different icons that can be selected as the Shout-outs icon.


Click on the current Shout-out icon to open a menu of icons, and click on the icon you want to use.


Display Shout-outs on profile pages


If enabled, the number of Shout-outs a user has received shows below their name on their profile page. Clicking on the number of Shout-outs displays a list of the Shout-outs in a pop-up window.


To display Shout-outs on profile pages:

  1. Go to the Administration panel: Content section > Profile details page.
  2. Select the checkbox Show Shout-outs on profile.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

View Shout-outs Reports

Admins can monitor Shout-outs usage through a report generator on the Shout-outs admin page. The report records the following information for each Shout-out: date and time, who created it, content, who was @mentioned, and the group it was sent to.
  1. Go to the Administration panelContent section > Updates & Shout-outs page.
  2. Click on the Shout-outs tab.
  3. Under the Reports heading, select the radio button to view All Shout Outs, or Shout Outs sent to a specific group. (If you pick Select a group, click in the text box and start typing the group name, then click on it in the list that appears.)

  4. Select the radio button for one of the pre-set time periods, or select the date range radio button, then click in the boxes to choose start and end date from the calendar.

  5. Click Download report and open the file to view it in Excel.


Change Shout-outs Labels

Your organization may wish to rebrand the Shout-outs functionality with a different name or focus. You can customize the Shout-outs labels within the interface and in notification messages.

To change any Shout-outs labels, go to the Administration panelContent section > Updates & Shout-outs page, click on the Shout-outs tab and click the arrow to the right of Change labels at the bottom of the page. This will expand the Labels section to show many labels that can be changed by typing the new label in the corresponding text box. After changing labels, click Save at the bottom of the page to apply the new label.


You can customize labels for any enabled languages on your intranet. To do this, click the language icon on the top right of the Labels section to open the dropdown menu, then click on the language you want to select, and replace the labels for that language. Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.

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