Search term reports

To view search term reports, go to the Admin panel: Search section > Search terms page.

The Search Terms page allows you to see what terms are being searched for on the intranet and the top pages that users visit after searching for a given term. The Search Terms displayed include terms searched for with the Find as you type feature, where search results are displayed in a dropdown menu from the main search bar as a user types in a search term.


When you visit the page, by default it shows the top 20 search terms for today's date, showing the number of times each term was searched for. Click on the arrow on the right of a search term to see the top five pages that were viewed after a user searched a given term. To view more search terms, click Show 20 More at the bottom of the page.

To refine the report, click on the start or end date and select the date you want from the dropdown calendar. Then click Search.

You can sort the results by Count, or Alphabetical (A-Z or Z-A). Click on the sort type beside Sort by at the top right of the results and click on the sort type you want to sort the results.


Count definition

Click the information bubble beside Count to refresh your memory on the meaning of Search term count versus Page count, as explained in the window that will appear: