Build and duplicate Forms

Building and duplicating forms is easy! You can start a new form from scratch or build one using an existing form as a template. This how-to focuses on how to build a brand new form using the drag and drop features and how to duplicate a form to use it as a template.

Building a new form

  1. Add and name your form to launch the builder.
  2. There are many different feature options you can use to build your form including:


Each one of these features has sections you can edit and add content to.

  1. To add an element to your form, just click on the element you need and drag it to the workspace or click the Add element button at the bottom of the workspace to open the form element selection dialogue box.

  2. Your new element will appear as a field with the label untitled.

  3. To edit the field, just click on the field to open the editor.

  4. Each form element has different options for you to edit. In the editor you can specify a name for the field, write instructions for the user, create multiple choice options, specify if the user is required to complete the field and more.
  5. Once you have edited all of the content to your liking, click save to save your customized field and return to the workspace.

  6. Continue to drag, drop and edit features until your new form has all of the fields you require.
  7. Even after you have saved an edited field, you still have the opportunity to change it if you need to. Just hover over the field you wish to edit to reveal two editing functions:

  8. A pair of arrows - click either arrow to move the field higher or lower on your list of form fields.
  9. A set of ellipses - click on these ellipses to open the editor, duplicate the field, or delete it from your form entirely.
  10. Once you have added and customized all the fields you need for your form, you can set up your workflow, security and other administrative settings.
  11. To finish, preview your form by clicking the Preview button, or click Launch to publish!


Duplicating a form

  1. From your forms overview, click Add form to start a new form.

  2. Create a name for your new form.

  3. Instead of dragging and dropping form elements as you would to create a whole new form, click on the Choose an Existing Form located below the builder.

  4. A pop up will appear with a list of forms you own or manage. Select the form you wish to replicate from the list.

  5. The builder will load the form fields, workflow, messaging, and permissions of the existing form. It will not load the owner, the created date, activity, or form data from the original form.

  6. Your new form is completely separate from the original form. Any changes you make to the fields, workflows or settings will only apply to your new form, they will not modify the original.
  7. You can now customize the form to suit your needs, then Preview and Launch when ready!