Build Form workflow

As a user, it can be challenging when you submit a form and you dont get any feedback, especially if you are waiting on the results to complete a task. Enter the workflow. The workflow tab allows the form creator to set up different status updates that can be used by the forms reviewers to let end users know where their form stands in the process.

  1. In the form builder, click on the Workflow tab.

  2. There must be at least one status for the form, the Initial status. By default this status is set to Submitted, but you can change this by replacing the text with whatever you want.

  3. There are two more types of status updates you can add to your form if you so choose: In Progress updates and/or Final updates.
  4. To add In Progress updates, click on the + Add button.

  5. Add whatever text you want the user to see in the content box. You can add as many In Progress status updates as you need, you are not limited to just one. For example, you could create In Progress updates for when the form is Received, Under review, and Sent for management approval.

  6. Once you have created all of your In Progress status updates, you can create your Final states.
  7. Add Final statuses by clicking the +Add button.

  8. Just like the In Progress states, you can add multiple statuses if you want to. For example, you could have statuses to indicate: Approved, Denied, , etc.

  9. Your statuses can be edited, deleted, and reordered, so you dont need to worry about getting them exactly right the first time. If you edit the text or order of the status lists after the form is published, the changes will apply to all new and existing submissions. If you delete a status after the form is published, the status will not be available for future submissions, but it will not affect those already received.
  10. When you are satisfied that you have created all of the potential states youll need, click the Save button to keep your settings and return to the form builder.