Build Form messaging

FormFlow offers several areas where you can create messaging for the forms end-users. This messaging can help you really customize the user experience of your form.

  1. You can access the messaging tab directly from the form builder.

  2. There are five main areas where you can create custom messages.
    1. Form description - The form description is the text that displays in the form card along with your title in the main forms overview page. It also displays under the form name on the form submission page.

    2. Button labels - There are two button labels you can customize; the button to initiate a form submission and the button to submit the form. By default the initiate button is labelled Start request and the submit button is labelled Submit. You can change these labels to suit your needs, but keep the text brief. They are buttons after all.

    3. Form entry title - This option allows you to create a unique title for each form submission. It is defaulted to display [Form name] - [User ID], but you have a number of other variables that can be used. For a full list of options, simply enter a square bracket [ in the content box.

    4. Thank you - A thank you is the message a user receives after they have submitted the form. It is automatically set to say Thanks in the title and Thank you for your submission in the message body, but you can create whatever messaging you like. The title must be text-only but the message body can include images, hyperlinks, source code, and more to help you get creative.

    5. Unable to View or Submit -  This is the message people will see when they do not have permission to view a form that is embedded on a page they can view. The default title is "You are unable to access the form." and the default message body is "You do not have permission to view or submit the form." Both title and message body can be customized.

    6. Closed - This is the message users will see if a form is closed when its embedded on a page. The title is defaulted to say Sorry, this form is closed and the message body is defaulted to say It is no longer possible to submit an entry for this form. As with the Thank you message, the title and message body are completely customizable. 

  3. Each messaging area has simple text and/or paragraph boxes for you to enter your new content. Just click in the appropriate box to open the editor and type your custom message.
  4. Click Save to save your changes and return to the main Messaging screen.