Close a Form

There are many reasons you may want to close a form, for example you may want to make edits to the content or you may want to temporarily stop accepting submissions from users. The good news is, its easy to close a form and just as easy to relaunch it when youre ready!

  1. Locate the form you want to close in the Forms Overview. Note that you must have editing permission to close the form.

  2. Click on the ellipses menu above the form name and select Edit to launch the form editor.

  3. There will be a banner across the top of the form, and a link to Close the form. Click the link to close the form.

  4. A confirmation popup will appear. Click Cancel to stop and return to the editor or click Close to confirm.
  5. When a form is closed:
    • The banner is hidden, and the closed date is added to the form details.

    • A Relaunch button is displayed next to Preview.

    • Form entries can no longer be submitted and the create new form entry button is now hidden.
    • The form can be fully edited.
  6. Your form can remain closed for however long you need it to be. When you are ready to make it live again, just click the Relaunch button.