Form Statistics

Once your form begins to receive entries, FormFlow automatically begins to collect data on the entries and produce statistics to help you see how your form is performing.

Find the form on the Forms Overview page.

In the form description box, youll notice a small chart icon beside the ellipses menu. This is the statistics icon and you can click on it to view the statistics.



The Statistics collected include:
  1. Average time to submit - this tracks the average amount of time it takes users to submit the form. Time tracking starts when a user enters some data on the form and ends when the form is submitted.
  2. Average time to review - this tracks the average length of time it takes for a form to go through the review process (i.e., the time it takes to go from an initial status to a final status). It is only displayed if the form is set up with a final status.
  3. Entries open for more than <X units> - this tracks if there are any entries that have been waiting for review above a specified wait time. The default time limit is 48 hours, but you can change that to whatever you want in the Maximum time setting in the form builder. This stat will only be shown if the form is set up with a final status.
  4. Top people with things to do - this keeps track of the top 5 reviewers with the most open and assigned entries. They are organized in numerical order, with the reviewer that has the highest number of assigned entries at the top. If multiple reviewers have the same number of outstanding entries, they will be ordered alphabetically. This stat will only be displayed if there is an in progress or final status set up.
  5. Open Entries - this keeps track of the total number of open entries. It shows a breakdown of open entries and what status they have in both a visual chart and a list. It will only show entries with initial or in progress statuses.
  6. Closed Entries - this keeps track of the total number of entries that have reached a final status. Similar to Open Entries, it displays a breakdown of closed entries in both a chart and list format.