Import and export Forms

FormFlow has an Import/Export feature that allows you to export forms from within a ThoughtFarmer site, and import into another ThoughtFarmer site that is on version TF 9 or higher. These steps outline how you can export a form from one ThoughtFarmer site and import it onto another.

Exporting a form

  1. In the Forms overview, locate the form you want to export.
  2. There are 2 ways to export a form:
    • From the forms overview, click on the ellipses and select Export in the dropdown.

    • Or, open the Form and click on the Export link on the Form landing page.

  3. The exported form file will be added to your downloads in a .formdata format.
  4. You can now use this file to import it into any ThoughtFarmer site that is on version ThoughtFarmer 9 or higher.

Importing a form

  1. On the Forms overview page, click on the Import link. 

  2. Select the .formdata file from your computer.
  3. Your imported form will now be listed in the Form Overview page.
  4. The imported form will include all of the form fields, field logic, statuses, and copy from the original form, but will not include the permission settings and workflow rules.

Open the imported form to review and set up the permissions and workflow the way you need them.