Segmenting Reports

About segments

ThoughtFarmer Analytics normally displays the visit data in aggregate in order to provide you with a general overview of your site's visitor traffic.

On the other hand, a segment is a subset of the visit data that is tailored for your needs. Segmented reports contain only a part of the entire set of visits tracked by ThoughtFarmer Analytics. Segments allow for defining of filters and criteria set to display data that is relevant for your reporting needs.

For example, using segments you can display reports only from a specific location (e.g. city, country), or you can display pages that have a specific url part, or users with a specific department.

Creating Segments

In order to create segments you need to click the All Visits tab that is located besides the date picker. From there, you need to click the Add New Segment button.

  1. Once you click Add New Segment, you will see the following pop-up:
  2. Name your segment. 
  3. Click the dropdown that says Actions in Visit by default. Select your criteria from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the operator from the middle dropdown (equals, contains, Greater than, less than, etc.)
  5. Enter the value into the text field.
  6. Use Add and Or if you need to define more sets of criteria, and repeat Steps 1 to 5.
  7. When you are done, click Save & Apply and the segmented report should be available immediately.

For example, let's create a segment that displays pages having "content/edit" in their URL:

  1. Click Add New Segment.
  2. Name your segment (For example, Edited Contents).
  3. Click the dropdown that says Actions in Visit by default. Select Actions > Page URL.

  4. Select Contains from the dropdown menu in the middle.
  5. Type content/edit into the Value text field. It should look like the following:

  6. Click Save & Apply.