Manage sites

Commands used to configure remote ThoughtFarmer sites to connect to. A special identifier "default" can be used for your main development instance. Any commands without the --site flag will use the default site.

Add a new site

grunt sites:add
Will ask for:
  • name: the identifier for the site when using --site=siteName or just the flag -siteName
  • URL: the base URL for the endpoint
  • apiToken: Taken from the Admin panel --> Api Token page.
  • applicationId: Found in the ThoughtFarmer Admin Panel --> Advanced options section > Configuration settings page --> api.ApplicationCodes setting. You can just use the "Identifier" value for "General" (e.g. "UDFOISDDF........NFDHNW").

List sites

grunt sites:list
Shows all the configured sites.

Delete a site

grunt sites:delete --site=siteName
grunt sites:delete -siteName
Deletes the site with the specified name in the --site option. 

Test a connection to a site

grunt auth-test --site=siteName
grunt auth-test -siteName
Will test the authentication with the specified endpoint. If no site specified will use "default".