Find most active users

The Users report can tell you which users are most active on your intranet.

  1. Navigate to the Users report on the dashboard of your Analytics site.
    • If the report is not on your dashboard, you can navigate to it in the left-hand navigation under ThoughtFarmer.

  2. Set the Dates and Segments as needed:
    1. Select the date range that you want to track.
    2. Beside the date range filter at the top, select the Segment that you want to track.
      • Choose All Visits to collect stats on all of your users.
      • Choose a Segment of users if you want to track specific users.
  3. Experiment with the report:
    1. Click the headers (visits, views, searches, creates, edits, etc.) to sort the rows by highest or lowest result. This will help you determine who has the highest (or lowest) engagement in those specific categories.
    2. Depending on how your intranet is used, you may find that Visits and Views are the best determinants of active users. Alternatively, content Creates and Edits may be the best indications of active users for your intranet.