Track statistics for groups or departments

Create Segments for individual groups and departments in ThoughtFarmer Analytics to track what users in a specific group or department are viewing on your intranet.

Create Segments for groups/departments

  1. On your TF Analytics dashboard, click on the All Visits option at the top of the page, and then click Add New Segment.
  2. Add the name of the group/department you'd like to track - in the example below we call it "Customer Success".
    1. Choose Group Membership as the first field.
    2. Choose Contains as the second field.
    3. In the third field, you need to insert the group ID number that identifies the group/department that you want to track. To locate the group ID: 
      1. On your intranet, go to the group/department page you want to track.
      2. In the URL, you'll see the group number number following /content/. For example:[group-name]
      3. Copy this number in the URL and enter it into the third field when creating your segment.
        • If you have more than one group you want to add in one segment, you can separate these numbers by comma.
    4. Click Save & Apply.
    5. You have now created a Segment for the Customer Success team.

  3. Repeat the steps above to create Segments for all of the groups/departments that you want to track. You can then switch between different Segments to pull reports for different groups/departments. Don't forget to also change the date range to what you want to track.