Find page views

You can find out which pages are getting the most views on your intranet with the Page Hierarchy report.

  1. Navigate to the Page Hierarchy report on the dashboard of your Analytics site.
    • If the report is not on your dashboard, you can navigate to it in the left-hand navigation under ThoughtFarmer.

  2. Set the Dates and Segments as needed:
    1. Select the date range that you want to track.
    2. Beside the date range filter at the top, select the segment that you want to track.
      • Choose All Visits to collect stats on all of your users.
      • Choose a segment of users if you want to track specific users.
  3. Expand the Page Hierarchy report:
    1. Click the + buttons beside each header to expand the hierarchy as needed.
    2. The stats for each page display as you expand it further and further. This gives you a quick glimpse of the numbers.
  4. Export the Page Hierarchy report:
    1. Hover over the report (in the circle) at the bottom to see additional options.

    2. Click the Export option to see a window with many export options.
      1. We recommend selecting the following:
        • Choose TSV for Excel format (CSV is the same).
        • Choose Flatten Report so that it exports the entire breakdown of the report.
        • Choose Format Metrics so that the fields are separated into their own individual cells.
        • Choose the Row Limit based on how many rows you'd like to see. Commonly people choose All.
      2.  Click Export. You'll see a full breakdown of the report in the exported version. The first column called label shows the breadcrumb trail of the page you are seeing stats for.