Find analytics for external links

ThoughtFarmer Analytics mainly allows you to track the usage and page reports on your intranet site, however it can also track some analytics on external links. If you have external links on your intranet and you want to see where users are going on the external sites, the Outlinks report will be useful for you.

  1. Navigate to the Outlinks report in the left-hand navigation under Behaviour.

  2. Set the date range:
    • Set the date range so you can find the external links clicked in a specific period of time. 
    • If you want to see all external links visited, we suggest adjusting the date range to a "year" for a broad scope or adjust the dates manually to cover the life of your intranet.
  3. Understanding the report:
    • Let's use the example below:

    • At the top we see the external link - ""
      • On the right side of the table, we can see the unique clicks and clicks for this link.
      • Unique clicks: how many unique users have clicked this link.
      • Clicks: how many clicks there are in total for that page.
    • When you click the plus/minus icon on the left of "" it expands the row to display the links you see below it.
  4. Analyzing the Results:
    • We now see seven links below, all pages that users visited from the external link.
    • Each link in the report is the tail end of the full URL:
      • etc.
    • You can see the external links that users have clicked, as well as the other pages that users visited on the external sites.