Event registration

 Event registration is available as of version 9.6+, and allows users to RSVP Yes or No to calendar events on the intranet. Event creators can keep track of who is coming to their event and ask attendees questions when they register. Event registration will only show on events if the event creator has enabled it. On calendars and calendar cards, a checkmark with the event indicates that event registration is available.

How to RSVP to an event

To RSVP to an event, view the event from the calendar, the event page, or an event card. When viewing the event on a calendar, hover over it to see the RSVP options. Click Yes or No for your RSVP. The button you have selected remains highlighted to indicate your RSVP response. If the event creator has allowed guests, asked registration questions, or allowed attendees to leave notes, you will see a pop-up window to add your responses to. You can change your RSVP up until registration closes by clicking on the Yes or No buttons.

When you register for an event, or are registered for an event by an event editor, you will receive a confirmation email for the event.

Add event to an external calendar

You can add an event on the intranet to an external calendar, but it is a one-way addition. If changes are made to the event on the intranet, they will not automatically update in your external calendar. To update the event, you need to add it to the external calendar again.
  1. On the event page, or on an event Card, click the Add to your calendar link.

  2. In the menu that appears, click the external calendar that you want to add the event to.
  3. Follow the prompts of the external calendar to add the event. For Outlook and iCal, an .ics file is downloaded to add to your calendar.

Enable event registration

When you create an event, you need to turn event registration on to use it.
  1. Create an event page, or go into edit mode on an existing event.
  2. Under the Event heading on the left, turn the Event registration toggle to ON. New event registration options appear below the toggle.

Event registration is not available for repeating events.

Manage event registration options

Event editors can:
  • set a maximum number of guests per attendee
  • create up to five questions for attendees to answer when they RSVP
  • allow attendees to leave notes when they RSVP
  • set a time when event registration will close.

  1. Enable event registration, as described above.
  2. Click in the Number of guests allowed per attendee and type the maximum number of guests each attendee can bring.
  3. To add questions for attendees to respond to, click Add beside Registration questions. Answers to registration questions will be visible to anyone who can view the list of attendees.

    1. In the Registration questions pop-up window, click in the Enter question text box, and type a question.
    2. Press Enter or click Add question to add additional questions, up to five questions.
    3. If you have multiple languages on your intranet, click on the language icon at the bottom of the window and select another language to enter the questions in.
    4. Click Done.
  4. Select the checkbox Allow attendees to leave a note to let attendees leave a message when they RSVP. The messages will be visible to anyone who can view the list of attendees.
  5. To set a time when event registration will no longer be available for the event, click in the date and time boxes beside Event registration closes, and select a date and time. By default, the event registration will close at the time the event begins.
    • For all day events, also specify a timezone for the event registration close time.
  6. Click Save on the event page.

Manage event attendees

Event editors can register attendees, change attendees' RSVP answers, edit attendees' number of guests, and edit attendees' question responses and notes. Event editors can also email attendees and export a list of attendees to Excel.

Add attendees to an event

When you add attendees to an event, they will be sent an event registration confirmation email.
  1. On the event page, click Manage above the list of attendees. The Attendees pop-up window appears.
  2. Under the Add people heading, click in the Enter name box. Start typing the name of the person you want to add, and click on their name in the menu when it appears. Type more names to add more people.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Save.
The Manage attendees pop-up window can also be accessed by going into edit mode on the event page, and clicking Manage beside Event registration.

Change attendees' event RSVPs

Event editors can change a user's event RSVP from Going to Not Going, or vice versa, or remove them from the attendee list altogether.
  1. On the event page, click Manage above the list of attendees. The Attendees pop-up window appears.
  2. Select the Going or Not going tab at the top to see the desired list of attendees.
  3. Click on Sort by Date/Name and the direction arrow above the list of attendees to change how the list of names is sorted. Alternatively, click the Search icon and start typing the attendee name in the Search attendees box to find an attendee.
  4. Select the checkmark(s) beside the name(s) of the attendees whose RSVP you want to change. Select the checkmark beside Actions to select all attendees under that RSVP tab.
  5. Click Actions at the top of the list of attendees and select the desired action:
    1. Click Change to not going to add attendees to the Not Going list.
    2. Click Change to going to add attendees to the Going list.
    3. Click Remove to remove attendees from either the Going or Not Going list.
  6. Click Save.
The Manage attendees box can also be accessed by going into edit mode on the event page, and clicking Manage beside Event registration.

Change attendees' registration details

Event editors can edit an attendee's responses to the registration questions or notes, and change the number of guests an attendee is bringing. Attendees can also edit their own registration details after the fact, by clicking Edit details beside the RSVP buttons.
  1. On the event page, click Details beside an attendee. The Registration details pop-up window appears.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. To change the number of guests the attendee is bringing, click the plus or minus icons beside Add guests.
  4. To edit the attendee's question responses, click in the corresponding text box and edit the response.
  5. To edit the attendee's note, click in the Leave a note box and edit the message.
  6. Click Save.

Email attendees

Users automatically receive a confirmation email when they register for an event, or when an event editor registers them for an event. Registered attendees also receive emails if changes are made to the event date, time or location, or if the event or parent calendar are archived, deleted or restored. Event editors can send additional emails from the event page to users who are going to an event. The event editor can edit the body and subject of the email, and choose whether or not they will receive a copy of it.
  1. On the event page, click Email above the attendee list. The Email attendees pop-up window appears with a default email addressed to all users who are going to the event.
  2. If you do not want to receive a copy of the email, deselect the Send copy to myself checkbox.
  3. Edit the subject and body of the email as desired.
  4. Click Send to send the email.

Export list of attendees

Event editors can export the list of attendees to an Excel, PDF or Word file. For Excel exports, the first tab shows basic event details, and the second tab shows a list of the attendees along with their job title, email, RSVP status, time and date of their RSVP, number of guests, registration question responses and notes.