Gamification is an awesome way to get your users engaged on the intranet. With this exciting custom card, they can collect points and earn badges that will appear on their profile! 

What it does

Gamification is a card added to the user profile template. It appears on every user's profile above their profile details.

It 'gamifies' actions (editing your profile, commenting on a news post) and activities (following, commenting, and searching for pages) taken on the Intranet and gives out medals, badges, and points to the user. On page load, it displays their earned medal, a selection of top badges, and a link to 'view all'. This brings up a modal where users can see more details on their medal, earned badges, badges yet to be earned, and points needed to get to the next levels.

See more details on how it works.


The card comes pre-configured, but there are adjustments you can make yourself if desired!