Reporting Card

Our reporting card is a great option to gain valuable data on user actions and page activity on your Intranet. It also is the best way to get very specific reports within specific time frames based on certain groups of users or sections of pages.

What it does

This customization pulls data straight from the database on the site to generate reports filtered to your specification. Since all data is recorded from the launch of your intranet, you can generate reports all the way from the very first day. 

Filters allow for you to generate reports for a time frame, only for specific groups of users, and only for specific sections, pages, or content types. 

The card is made up of three parts, the parameter selector, the user report, and the page report. 


Easy to set up, intuitive to use. Depending on the number of pages involved, and the time span selected some larger reports may take up to 30 seconds to generate.

How to use it

See the Instructions and usage page for details



Configuration instructions