Welcome Employees

Announce and facilitate introductions of new hires to your team! We most often see this card used on the Intranet homepage.

Fee-17-Welcome-Employees.pngWhat it does

The Welcome Employees card can be used as a get-to-know-you to announce new hires to the company. Depending on a configuration parameters passed in, it will display users depending on the date their profiles were created. If no new Intranet profiles have been created for new employees within the last number of days, the card will not display anything. 

This card can be displayed in the right or left sidebar or in the centre lane of any page. It includes optional configuration parameters to facilitate showing a subset of the newest employees with the option of linking off to a page to display all new employees. You can also optionally display a user's location, department, or division. 

In this example, we are using the default welcome message "Welcome everyone!".
We have capped the display at the four newest users, and are showing the division each user belongs to.
We are also using some custom text to link off to a page that will hold another instance of the card,
and display all the new hires for the last 30 days.



There are lots of optional configuration options built into this card to customize your display!



Configuration instructions