Locations directory

Use this card to make offices and locations with address information easy, visually appealing, and easily findable.

What it does

The Locations Directory allows for a custom view that surfaces all child group pages into a grid based, searchable, and filterable format. It also includes address information not included in any of the default ThoughtFarmer views.


The search will use Find-As-You-Type (FAYT) to quickly narrow down the grid to just the locations you are interested in. It also comes with a drop down filter that will automatically pull in from the AddressLine3 field for all of the child group pages. The only requirement is that the Location card be added to these pages as the source of this information. It will also automatically pull through the Featured image from those groups if they have one.


This customization is easy to configure and use.



Configuration Instructions

Please see details on the Configuration instructions page