Find information on how to add a custom card to your Intranet here.

Once added, you will need to configure your card through the Details tab of the card admin. Remember to wrap your config in curly brackets { } and comma separate your config lines.

Required configuration

You must add your company's Twitter feed URL to the configuration. For example:
{"url" : ""}

Optional configuration

If your company has a separate Twitter feed in another language, you can set this feed to display when users have their preferred language set to anything other than English. Add this feeds URL to the config like so:
"url" : "",
"secondLangaugeUrl" : ""

You can also alter the height and width of the feed if desired. The card defaults to 300px in width and 1000px in height.
"url" : "", 
"secondLangaugeUrl" : "",
"height" : 2000,
"width" : 500

Need help? Look at our configuration help page.