Employee handbook

A helpful layout for any content that is meant to be read continuously and that spans multiple pages.

What it does

The Employee Handbook customization allows you to view multiple pages at once, from sources anywhere across your intranet. It is ideally suited for linear content, like an employee handbook.

The custom card will assemble all pages into a "Reader". Then users can use controls to navigate easily from page to page, or to download the whole handbook as a ZIP collection of PDF or Word documents (1 per page). It will remember the place in the handbook where the user left off, so it is useful for long and extensive handbooks. 

Once added to any ThoughtFarmer page you will see the source content along with the Reader toolbar. 


Configuration is easy and uses the Quick Links card as a configuration tool. Long handbooks may take some time to setup the first time.



Configuration Instructions

See the Configuration page for details.


Check it out on the Employee Handbook Demo page. All content is controlled by a default Quick links card for easy control of source content, and the order it appears in the handbook.