Custom fields and reports for content

This is a great way to enhance pages or users with extra fields. If you require reporting on any sort of meta-data that can be associated with them, then this customization makes it all possible.

What it does

This customization allows you to add a configurable set of fields to either pages or users. It includes a quick edit modal that allows for updates of the data in an easy to fill out form outside the edit page workflow. All the fields are configurable and it is possible to create multiple sets of fields for different purposes. A report of the various data collected can be displayed in a table. With some extra custom development it can be easily presented into other dashboards and reports.

Some examples of the usage include:

  • A presence indicator for employees
    • Add fields where users can indicate where they are for the day.
  • Office information
    • Add fields for building access information, employees on site, special contact instructions, etc...
    • Create a dashboard with all this information in one place.





Configuration Instructions

Please see the Configuration page for details.

Example Presence indicator

  • This example is able to display on all employee profiles. However, the card can be configured to run on any page. Data entries are managed by content ID. 
  • Clicking edit brings up a modal to quickly edit.
  • Reports can show all data in a single place. Custom dashboards and filters can easily be created based to accommodate varying requirements.