Bulk follow by group

Make associating groups of users to following lists quick and easy. This custom service add-on allows you to easily make some following items mandatory.

What is does

This customization allows you to manage the followers of any page using a list of users, groups, and security groups. This makes it easy to quickly add specific sets of users rather then adding them one by one. Also, when changes to the group happen the previous groups selections are automatically remembered, so the following list can be updated at any time. 

An additional add-on allows for a custom service to run nightly. This will add all users that are members of groups added to the dialog and ensure they are added as followers to the configured page. This enforces the following lists for key pages that require this level of administration.




  • $500 for the bulk follow dialog and application feature
  • $500 for the additional custom service to automate followers nightly.

Configuration & Instructions