Configuration and Intructions

Add followers by group

This custom card is deployed globally. A new "Page action" icon will be available on every page.


Clicking this will bring up a modal:


Add users, groups, and security groups by typing in their name and selecting from the drop down that appears. After selecting them be sure to click Add. This will update the following list. You will need to reload the page to show the updated list of followers. All members of groups will now show individually in the following list for that page. 

Refreshing followers

Users may opt out of following any page at any time. Also, group memberships may change. To update the list of followers you can go back to any page and click the Custom following icon, then select Refresh Followers. This will add back all members of the groups, and users added in the dialog configuration.

Nightly Sync

If you have the additional add-on of the Custom Bulk Following Service, nightly syncs can be scheduled to automate the Refresh following task. This will ensure the following lists for all pages using this feature are up to date. Keep in mind, users should be made aware these pages are mandatory and have been automatically added back. They may perceive the inability to un-follow these pages as a bug.