Stale Content Tools

A must have card that greatly helps intranet administrators delegate the upkeep tasks for content management to the appropriate owners.

What it does

Content on an intranet can easily become stale and outdated. This customization adds Stale date and Review date parameters to almost all pages. Admins can then generate reports in a Stale Content Admin card to see what content is stale, and what needs review. They can take action on them by archiving, deleting, or setting a new Review date or notifying the owners of that content to take action themselves.

It includes a user card called My Stale Content. This can be placed in a globally accessible area. Each user will only see the content they own which has become stale. 

There is an additional custom service available that can be configured to send email reports to content owners. It will include a summary of the stale content and a link out to the My Stale Content card on the intranet. The schedule of this email is configurable.




  • $750 for the application changes and cards
  • $500 for the email reminder service (available soon!)

Configuration Instructions

Just choose a default stale content period in days (e.g. 180 days). ThoughtFarmer support will configure the rest. Add the cards to whatever pages you wish using the standard page template feature.