How it works

There is no configuration for this card. It is added as a global card and once activated, the clone icon will display in all page headers to administrators in admin mode.


Clicking the icon will bring up a confirmation modal for the intended section. Once 'Clone section' is clicked from here the cloning process will start. It may take a few seconds to minutes depending on the size and depth of the section. Do not navigate away or refresh the page. 

The cloned section will appear in the same section as the parent with the flag [Clone] added to the root page title. You are free to rename and move this section however you like.

The tool will clone and preserve...

  • All pages all levels deep from the starting location, preserving hierarchy
  • All files and folders attached to pages
  • All security permissions on all child pages will be preserved
  • It will preserve all page type and template settings

The tool will NOT clone or preserve...

  • Comments are not cloned
  • Version history on pages
  • File Version history on cloned attachments
  • Configuration for cards in templates. For example, if you have pages with News cards on them, those news cards will be in their default(empty) state and will need to be reconfigured post clone.