Set up & configuration

The FAQ card can be placed on any intranet page and pull content from any section as long as the direct child pages of that section are tagged with the categories listed in the FAQ card's configuration.

Required configuration

There are two required parameters in the card config. "parentContentId" is the section the card will look in for content with the same tags as listed in the "sections" parameter.

You'll notice in the same section as this there is a page called 'FAQ Content'. The card in 'FAQ Demo' is set up to pull content from there, which was done by  passing that page's content id to the parentContentId parameter in the card config:
{"parentContentId": 120386}
All the pages that fall under that page ('child pages') are the ones that appear will be able to be pulled into the FAQ card. The card knows to pull in the correct pages to display from reading each child page's tags, which is how each child page is pulled into the appropriate FAQ category. If the tags match one or more of the tags listed in the cards configuration, that pages content will be pulled into that FAQ dropdown.

Your configuration will also have a parameter called "sections". Use these section names as your tag names to pull content into that category:
"parentContentId": 120386,
"sections": "Cards,Upgrade,Geography"
For example, the page 'What is the capital of Canada?' is tagged with 'Geography', and it is displayed under that section of the FAQ.