How it works

Heres the breakdown of how it works:

There are four levels you can achieve: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

By default, these are the points per medal, but you can modify them:

Bronze = 25 points

Silver = 50 points

Gold = 100 points

Platinum = 200 points

There are two types of badges you can earn while interacting on the intranet: Activity and Action.


Activities are comments, likes, searches, creates, and follows.

Activities are things people generally do on the intranet many times, and are thus cumulative.

There are different colour activity badges for completing a certain number of the activities, which indicate a new level that has been reached. Each new activity earns you one point by default, but you can also change this in the config settings of the card!

Green (one star) you earn for completing the activity 1 - 24 times.

Blue (two stars) you earn for completing the activity 25 - 49 times.

Red (three stars) you earn for completing the activity 50+ times.

Note: these values are connected to the values of the medal config. So if you change Bronze to 50 points, it will take up to 50 activities completed of a certain type to get from 'Green' to 'Blue', and so on! Feel free to set this as you wish to keep the game challenging, but also achievable!


Actions are first mention, shout out given, shout out received, first news/blog post, first file upload, first message sent, first group join, first forum post, first forum comment, first profile edit, profile complete.

These are generally things people do less of, so each of these actions gives you a single badge when the action is completed for the first time! By default youll learn 10 points per action, but you can also change this in the config settings of the card.

How Do You Win?

Depending on how many points you allocate to each level, your users will need to get from bronze to silver to gold and then finally to platinum in order to finish the game. So well leave that up to you with how challenging youd like to make the game! Regardless, these fun and bright badges make a great addition to each users profiles.