Required configuration

The card takes two required configuration parameters that dictate what information to show about the teammate spotlight user. If you want to show just the profile picture and the name of the spotlight user, you must still have "defaultFields" and "customFields" in the config panel, but leave them empty, like so:

"defaultFields": "",
"customFields": ""

However, to show more information about the spotlight user, you must fill in what fields from their profile you want to pull in.

All the possible options for each category are listed below. It is very important that you do not remove any of the punctuation eg.( { } " : , ) except the values inside the quotations to the right of the colon when changing your configuration. Each value inside the eg.("jobTitle,birthday,email, ...") must be comma separated.  

All possible config options:
"defaultFields": "jobTitle,birthday,email,tel,fax,mobile",
"customFields": "Department,Office,Address,Groups,{The Label Name of your custom field}"

Note for "The Label Name of your custom field":
 the value will be the label of the custom field, found my going Admin panel > Profile Details and clicking the gear icon of the field you would like to display.

Optional configuration

You can optionally change the title of the card by adding the following line into your configuration:
"defaultFields" : "jobTitle,birthday,email,tel,fax,mobile",
"customFields" : "Department,Office,Address,Groups,The Label Name of your custom field*",
"title" : "My Custom Employee Spotlight Title"