Default configuration

    "welcomeMessage" : "Welcome everyone!",
    "previousDays" : "30" 
    "countEmployeesToShow" : "",
    "groupTypeId" : "0",
    "redirectLabel" : "View All New Employees" ,
    "redirectUri" : ""

Required configuration

The most important config parameters are previousDays and countEmployeesToShow, which dictate how far back in time an employee is considered 'new', and the number of people to cap the display at.


If left blank like in the default config, will show all new employees within the specified time period. To cap, enter desired value:
"countEmployeesToShow" : "3"


Options supported by the API are : 1, 7, 30, 90, 120. To change to show employee profiles, for example, created in the last 90 days (instead of the default 30):
"previousDays" : "90"

Optional configuration


Change the text for the link to show all new employees.
"redirectLabel" : "See all new hires"


The relative URL path to a page that will have another card instance and show all new employees.
"redirectUri" : "/content/79359"

To display what department, group, location etc. the new employee is a part of, add in the associated group type ID into the config. Due to space constraints, the groups will only show if the card is placed in the main lane of the page. Don't forget to add them to the group too.  Each group type in ThoughtFarmer has an associated ID. The out-of-box groups types and associated group IDs are:

Group: 1
Location: 2
Department: 3
Team: 4,
Project: 5,
Business Unit: 6

So, if I wanted to display new users' location:
"groupTypeId" : "2"

Not working? Need help?

Please visit our configuration options page for help on proper config formatting and options.