1. Add the card to any page. Ideally this should be center column in a 2 column layout.
  2. If the page has an Excel file on it no further configuration is required.

Advanced Configuration

If you want to adjust the configuration it will support the following parameters:
  • showColumnFilters: When set to false only the global input at the top will show. No per row filter inputs.
  • pageSize: Default is 100. Change the number of rows to show per page of the table.
  • contentId: If this is set, then the card will pull from the content located at this ID. It should be an Excel attachment or an error will display. If it is not included, or 0, then the card will attempt to pull from the first Excel file attached to the current page.
To modify any of these click the gear icon while setting up the card on the page template screen. Enter the appropriate values.

For example,
{ "showColumnFilters": true, "pageSize": 50, "contentId": 123 }