Full Width Toggle Setup

How to set up the full-width toggle custom card on your intranet:

  1. Download the exported file at the bottom of this page
  2. Go to the Admin Panel > Cards 
  3. Click "Import Card"  and import the zip file 
  4. Once added to the page, ensure it's switched to active

How to add the customization to the page 

  1. On the page you'd like this to function on, go to Edit 
  2. Go to Setup Cards > Modify Template 
  3. Now you can add a new card > choose the Toggle Full-Width card in the card selection page 
  4. Drag the card to the top of the page (or wherever you'd like the "Expand/Collapse" button to appear
    • We recommend adding it to the middle and top so it's easy to find 
    • Please ensure you do not add it to the left or right-hand columns of your layout, this will make your page disappear! 
  5. Click Done and publish your page