Glossary Configuration

Content and Card configuration

The first step is to create a section on your intranet that will house all of the Terms and Definitions. Each one should be its own ThoughtFarmer page. Create them all in the same area with the Title as the Term, and the Body as the Definition.

Once the content is created, go to any other page on the intranet, or create a new one. Set up the cards and add the Glossary card ideally in the center at the top.

Click the cog icon to set the configuration. Use the Content ID from the section where the Glossary content lives. For example,

{ "sectionId": 123 }


Once set up, you can link back to the glossary to specific terms, and specific sections easily. While you are using the glossary you will notice the URL update in real time. You can use that URL to go back to the Glossary in that state. For example,