Image size guidelines

Whether you are customizing your homepage layout and intranet theme, selecting a photo for a Grid directory, or updating your profile photo, this image guideline contains all the specifications on the recommended image sizes in ThoughtFarmer. 

Description Minimum size (unless otherwise specified)
width x height (px)
File types supported

Profile pages
Profile photo 300 x 300 (allows for cropping) GIF, JPG, PNG
Profile page cover photo 1200 x 700 GIF, JPG, PNG

Page and Template Setup images
Grid navigation Card - thumbnails for subpages 650 x 400 GIF, JPG, PNG
Page header 1200 x 700 GIF, JPG, PNG
News Card: Grid & List view 650 x 400 GIF, JPG, PNG
News Carousel* 1074 x 416 GIF, JPG, PNG

Theme settings: (found on the Theme page of the Admin Panel)
Site logo Must fit within header
440 width (Recommended)
heading Maximum width 440 GIF, JPG, PNG
Notification email logo Maximum width 560 GIF, JPG, PNG
Browser icon 16 x 16 (Recommended) GIF
Desktop notification logo 64 x 64 (Recommended) GIF, JPG, PNG
Mobile icon 512 x 512 (Recommended) GIF, JPG, PNG
Component style:
Site background
(non repeating)**
2560 x 1440 GIF, JPG, PNG
Site header background
(height is flexible)
1470 x 110 GIF, JPG, PNG
Sub image on the header
(must fit in header height)
280 width GIF, JPG, PNG
Footer image
(extended to edges of browser)
2560 x 51 GIF, JPG, PNG
Footer background image
(not extended to edges of browser)
1470 x 51 GIF, JPG, PNG
Default profile image 500 x 500 GIF, JPG, PNG
Default group image 500 x 500 GIF, JPG, PNG

* News Carousel: If a News Carousel will only be used in the center column of a 3 column 20-60-20 layout, the minimum size is 774 x 300.

** Site background: The size of this image is variable depending on the type of image and the image treatment being selected. For instance, if a patterned background is desired, a repeating image treatment can be selected, and the size of the pattern file can be much smaller.