Custom email reports

You can create a weekly Email Report that will send you results from a period each week: 

  1. Click the Gear icon on the right side.
  2. Click Email Report in the left hand panel.

  3. Click Create and Schedule a Report.
    1. Name the report.
    2. Segment: All Visits
    3. Email Schedule: Weekly (note that weekly reports can only be sent on Mondays)
    4. Report Period: Week
    5. Sent Report: Choose the time
    6. Report Format: PDF recommended
    7. Send report to: select email/add more emails
    8. Display option: default
    9. Check the reports:
      1. Visits Overview Report - for visits over time for the week & average duration per visit
      2. Users Report - for top 10 users 
      3. Page Titles Report - for top 10 page titles 
    10. Click Create Report.