Track downloads for attachments/documents

To find out how many times a document or attachment on your intranet was downloaded, you need to search on a document by document basis. Unfortunately, ThoughtFarmer Analytics cannot search for attachments per section or page. To find out how many times an attachment was downloaded:

  1. Go to Behaviour > Downloads report.

  2. Ensure the date range is set to the dates you want to measure.
  3. Hover over the report, and find the magnifying glass at the bottom.

  4. Copy the URL of the attachment from your intranet.
  5. Paste the URL into the search on the Downloads report in the magnifying glass field.
  6. Unique downloads and downloads will display on the right hand side of the report.
To see a list of which file types will automatically have their downloads tracked, see Valuable reports - Downloads heading. That heading also contains instructions for how to add other file types to the downloads tracking list.