Self-Hosted Intranet Statistics (latest version)

Self-Hosted Intranet Statistics

The ThoughtFarmer intranet statistics package is based on the Piwik opensource product. It has been customized in order to capture ThoughtFarmer specific data not included in the default Piwik installation. 

In order to host your own version of ThoughtFarmer intranet statistics you must use our customized package attached at the end of this page, along with the following instructions. We do not roll out new versions of ThoughtFarmer intranet statistics at the same time as Piwik makes new versions. So do not update Piwik unless you get the application folders here.

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Installation instructions

1.) Install Piwik prerequistes: For full prerequisite details along with performance optimization recommendations please see the Piwik Requirements page. 

2.) Install and configure ThoughtFarmer intranet statistics:
  1. Unzip the into a new folder that can run under IIS or Apache.
  2. Change the permissions on the folder so that it can run. For IIS the IUSR account should have full control.
  3. Create a new site and point it to the unzipped folder.
  4. Navigate to the new site in your browser.
  5. Follow the 5 minute setup instructions at with 2 exceptions:
    1. Ignore the warning about "File integrity"
    2. Ignore the tracking code that Piwik tells you to install on your website.  A custom version of the tracking code is already built into ThoughtFarmer.

3.) Configure ThoughtFarmer to connect to your Intranet Statistics installation:
  1. Find "Intranet Statistics" on your ThoughtFarmer Administration Panel
  2. Make sure it is enabled
  3. Enter your PIWIK SiteID in the "site ID" box. This can be obtained from Settings -> Websites within intranet statistics. 
  4. Choose "No" for "Use"
  5. Enter the url of your self hosted Intranet Statistics installation.
  • don't include a trailing /
  • if Intranet Statistics/Piwik is on a port other than 80, include the port number e.g. our.intranet.local:8088
  • if you use SSL (port 443) to connect to your intranet, then you must also use SSL to connect to statistics.  Use IIS Manager to configure your SSL certificate.

IMPORTANT: If you are logged into Piwik as an administrator, and you see a notification that a new version is available, DO NOT upgrade the new version. It will install a plain copy of Piwik without the ThoughtFarmer modifications.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Backup your statistics database in MySQL.
  2. Unzip latest intranet statistics package from ThoughtFarmer (attached below) into a new directory alongside the current installation.
  3. Copy the file config/config.ini.php from the old installation directory to the new one.
  4. Change the web site root directory to the new location.
  5. Go to the Intranet Statistics site in your browser.
  6. Check that the message stated is to UPGRADE the current installation. If it states a new install and you proceed you will delete all existing data.
  7. Confirm the upgrade wizard and you will be directed to the new statistics site admin page.