How to duplicate a file

How to create a file by duplicating an existing file

Use these instructions to create a new file that is a duplicate of an existing file on the intranet. Are you uploading the same file repeatedly to the intranet? Now just use "Duplicate" to create a new duplicate file from an existing contract or terms of service template.

When you duplicate a file, the file content, file summary, tags, settings, and multilingual versions are copied. Comments and subpages are not copied. Duplicate files are created as "sibling" pages of the original, so they appear at the same level in the navigation as the original file. The person who duplicates the file becomes the page owner of the duplicated file.

How to duplicate a file

  • Step 1: Navigate to the page to which the file is attached.
  • Step 2: Click the down arrow on the far right of the file name to open a dropdown menu.
  • Step 3: Click "Duplicate".
  • Step 3: Read the "Duplicate" pop-up box and click "Duplicate" in the bottom right of the pop-up. You will be taken into edit mode on the new duplicate file page.
  • Step 4: Edit the page title. (The duplicate will have the title "DUPLICATE OF (title of file you duplicated)".
  • Step 5: Edit the actual file title as desired. (The actual file title is used when you download the file or have it open for editing on your computer. You may wish to change the actual file title so as not to get it confused with the original.)
  • Step 5: Edit the page as you wish. Don't forget to update other language versions of the page if they exist. (To learn more, see how to use languages and translation.)
  • Step 6: Click "Save" in the top right when you're done.
You can also duplicate a file by going to the individual file page and clicking "Duplicate" on the right side of the page.