Overview of interactive org chart

Clickable org chart on profile & group pages

From every profile page and group page you can view the interactive org chart, which shows employee reporting relationships and group membership.

To view the interactive org chart, navigate to either a profile page or group page and click "View relationships." This link appears near the very top of group pages and in the Relationships section on profile pages.

When you open the org chart on a profile page or group page, that person or group shows up in the center. Click on any name to recenter the org chart around another person or group. Hover over the letters on the lines that connect the person or group to other people and groups to see a tooltip explaining the relationship.


Relationships selected on profile page feed org chart

The reporting relationships in the org chart show your manager, secondary managers and people who report directly to you. The relationships displayed in the org chart come from relationship information selected by users on their profile pages.

TIFF & BMP profile photos don't show in org chart

Some image file types work better than others in the org chart. Photo files that end with ".TIFF" or ".BMP" may show up fine as your profile photo but will not display in the interactive org chart. To fix this, replace your profile photo with a new photo saved as a more common file type (JPG, PNG, GIF).