Overview of breadcrumb trails

Breadcrumbs show under global navigation

On any page of your ThoughtFarmer intranet look for the "breadcrumb trail" just below the global navigation bar at the top of the page. The breadcrumbs show your location within the intranet and list the path of pages that leads to the page you're on.


Example: Home > End User > Basic features > Breadcrumb trails

The last page listed in the breadcrumb trail is the page you are currently on and will be a different text color than the other pages listed. The breadcrumbs show your "geographic" location within the site's navigation so you always have a sense of "where" you are.

Navigate up using breadcrumbs instead of "Back" button

If you clicked through one page after another to arrive at a certain page of the intranet, you can return to a page you clicked on earlier without clicking over and over on the "Back" button in your browser. Instead, try clicking on one of the pages listed in the breadcrumb trail. This can jump you several pages up in the navigation with just one click.

If you arrived at a page by clicking on it in search results or an activity stream, you may not have visited the parent page. To see the parent page, click on the page title to the left of your current page in the breadcrumb trail.