How to email a page

How to email a page

Use these instructions to bring an intranet page to the attention of a coworker by sending them an email with a link to the page. You can do this from almost all of the pages on your intranet. Your recipient will need to be logged in to the intranet in order to view the page.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the page that you want to email.
  • Step 2: Click "Email" on the top of the page in the Sharing Bar underneath the page title.
  • Your default email program will open a new email with text similar to that below, including a link to the page you are emailing:
Please see this ThoughtFarmer Support page:
Title: "How to add a photo gallery"


  • Step 3: Edit the text in the email if you wish, add the appropriate email address, and send.
Your recipient can now click on the link in the email, sign in to the intranet, and go directly to the page that you have emailed.